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Fairy Tail?? Hell yeah!!!!
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Happy Birthday Canada by narutoandgaaralover1 Happy Birthday Canada :iconnarutoandgaaralover1:narutoandgaaralover1 1 6 Natsu-chan and Igneel by narutoandgaaralover1 Natsu-chan and Igneel :iconnarutoandgaaralover1:narutoandgaaralover1 4 2 Zervis by narutoandgaaralover1 Zervis :iconnarutoandgaaralover1:narutoandgaaralover1 13 4 Jerza by narutoandgaaralover1 Jerza :iconnarutoandgaaralover1:narutoandgaaralover1 3 2
Natsu and Edward (Fairy Fest week 2 solo)
        "Come back here!" a pipsqueak blonde yelled as he was chasing a figure. "Catch me if you can pipsqueak!" the pink headed figure said running with something in his hand. "Don't call brother a pipsqueak, he gets mad when you do that," a kind blonde boy said, his golden eyes watching the two boys. It was late but Edward wanted the thing he made for his mother back. Natsu stole it from him and wouldn't give him back and Alphonse is just staying out of it. Suddenly a light flashing caught the boys' attention and Al started to follow it while Ed took the opportunity to try and snatch the thing from the distracted dragon slayer but made an epic......FAIL. Al went home and told his mother about Natsu and Ed and she only laughed. Ed was still chasing Natsu and finally tackled him. They fought for it, playing tug of war with the newly made present. The necklace broke and all the pieces shattered everywhere. "I'm sorry," Natsu said as he pushed Ed off of him and sat up
:iconnarutoandgaaralover1:narutoandgaaralover1 2 2
Kyou by narutoandgaaralover1 Kyou :iconnarutoandgaaralover1:narutoandgaaralover1 2 3 Lucy from elfen lied by narutoandgaaralover1 Lucy from elfen lied :iconnarutoandgaaralover1:narutoandgaaralover1 4 7 Gray by narutoandgaaralover1 Gray :iconnarutoandgaaralover1:narutoandgaaralover1 4 29 Carnival Mask by narutoandgaaralover1 Carnival Mask :iconnarutoandgaaralover1:narutoandgaaralover1 0 0 Kid Wendy by narutoandgaaralover1 Kid Wendy :iconnarutoandgaaralover1:narutoandgaaralover1 7 3 Kid Natsu by narutoandgaaralover1 Kid Natsu :iconnarutoandgaaralover1:narutoandgaaralover1 9 16 Kid Mirajane by narutoandgaaralover1 Kid Mirajane :iconnarutoandgaaralover1:narutoandgaaralover1 5 0 Itachi by narutoandgaaralover1 Itachi :iconnarutoandgaaralover1:narutoandgaaralover1 4 0 Kid Erza by narutoandgaaralover1 Kid Erza :iconnarutoandgaaralover1:narutoandgaaralover1 5 0 Jellal by narutoandgaaralover1 Jellal :iconnarutoandgaaralover1:narutoandgaaralover1 8 0 Ichigo by narutoandgaaralover1 Ichigo :iconnarutoandgaaralover1:narutoandgaaralover1 4 0


PewDiePie Fan Button by ButtonsMaker PewDiePie Fan Button :iconbuttonsmaker:ButtonsMaker 5,391 958
My Handsome Little Pyscho (Nagisa x Karma)

  "Hey, Nagisa." The blunette looked up at his friend in front of him.
  "What do you need Karma?" The red head chuckled and wrapped an arm around Nagisa.
  "You'll do me a favor right?" Nagisa nodded slowly. Karma smirked and pulled Nagisa up dragging him out the room. 
  "Where are you two going? I get Karma, but not you Nagisa." Koro-sensei asked.
  "Just for a walk, octopus. We'll be leaving now so don't come after us." Karma pulled Nagisa out the door and slammed it closed behind them.
  "K-Karma, where are we going?" They walked out the door to outside the building. Karma did't answer and pulled him to the storage shed besides the building.Karma pushed Nagisa in and closed the door behind him. "K-Karma?"
  "Strip." Nagisa stared at him dumb founded.
  "Huh?" The red head grabbed a bag off a shelf and tossed it to Nagisa.
  "Change into that or I'll change you myself." A psych
:iconfanfictrash:FanficTrash 53 11
2p!America x Child!Reader - Ch 5 Soft Side
“Fear can only grow in darkness. Once you face fear with light, you win.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free
You woke up in a room that wasn't your own. The air had the faintest smell of cupcakes.
Uncle Ollie.
Your big (e/c) orbs fluttered open to see an all pink room with pretty frilly sheets. You slowly sat up and found something heavy over top of you.
Al's bomber jacket.
You smiled a little and headed out of the room, jacket still on your shoulders. You skipped down the dark wooden stairs and into the kitchen to find Uncle Ollie taking a fresh batch of cupcakes from the oven. He glanced around and saw you. His blue eyes instantly lit up. He put down the tin and rushed over to you in a crushing hug.
"Good morning sweetie! Are you feeling better?" asked Oliver picking you up. You nodded.
"Yes, thank you! Do you know where Al is?" you asked curiously.  
"He's not back yet, but he will be soon." he said with a sinister smile. You nodded and turned n
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 424 95
Papa Canada x Child reader - LIttle Maple part 2.
When the two reached Mathews lovely house he instantly brought her into the kitchen and sat her on the bench. Grabbing a soft rag he wit it with warm water and began to clean her small grubby hands and face.
It was then he noticed how pretty the child was, her round doe eyes sparkling up at him. He gently cleaned some of the worse cuts with the rag then smiled, “Let’s get you all cleaned up eh!”He said in a friendly manner.
Picking the girl up again Mathew walked into his pristine bathroom and ran her a bath, checking constantly that the water wasn’t too hot or cold. Then he poured in some soap making large suds and bubbles for the child’s delight. Looking back at the girl standing and watching him from the doorway curiously he blushed slightly not sure what to do next. He had never taken care of a child, let alone a little girl.
“Umm, ahhh....Well you can undress yourself and, um, get in the bath....clean off and I’ll bring you some clothes eh
:iconmistress-raconteur:Mistress-Raconteur 134 41
Papa!Luciano x Child!Reader ~Chapter 4
Chapter 4
Luciano brought you up to an office like room. On the door a target was hung.  He smiled at you as he handed you two throwing knives. He kissed your forehead before demonstrating how to throw the knife, hitting the target dead centre. He gave you an encouraging smile, helping to position your body so to help you throw it better.
He stepped back as you pulled your arm back the way he showed you before throwing the knife. It didn't hit the target, in fact, it hit a full length painting of the Axis members. Where it landed made Luciano howl with laughter. You'd hit Lutz in the crotch. He adjusted your stance and pointed to the target, crouching beside you.
You nodded and threw the knife just before the door opened. Flavio was there and he scrambled to get out of the way, hitting his head on the frame as the knife flew past his head. He fell to the ground and you and your father rushed over to make sure he was okay. Kuro and Lutz came up, snickering as they saw what y
:icondeath-wolf-101:Death-Wolf-101 187 53
Though I may depart, you shall remain by Cioccolatodorima Though I may depart, you shall remain :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,822 105 Snapped Canada by Star-Tigress Snapped Canada :iconstar-tigress:Star-Tigress 396 81 Snapped Canada by srcpcsoha Snapped Canada :iconsrcpcsoha:srcpcsoha 136 28 Snapped!Canada - Say Ah~ by Mayuen Snapped!Canada - Say Ah~ :iconmayuen:Mayuen 388 96 2P!Hetaoni - Old version #1 by Starpower9000 2P!Hetaoni - Old version #1 :iconstarpower9000:Starpower9000 187 219
F.A.C.E. Family X Little!Reader Canada Ending
You heard a knock of your door and you opened it to show...your 'brother' Matthew.
"Hey Mattie" You say with a soft smile happy it was the quieter of your two 'brothers', although you don't see Matthew as your brother any more but as something completely else.
Not many people noticed Matthew but you did, and now knowing that your both going to different colleges, his somewhere in Canada and yours somewhere in America.
"Hey [Name]..." Matthew says hugging you and smiling sadly which you notice right away.
"Mattie...what's wrong?" You ask concerned.
"I'm about to lose the best thing that came into my life...that's what's wrong..." Matthew says burring his head into the crook of your neck.
"And what is that?" you ask holding him close.
He mumbles something and you feel a few tears escape his violet eyes.
" know I don't like it when you cry..." You say and sit down on your bed with him then pull away to wipe his eyes free of tears.
"I'm sorry [Name]...its just...I love you and
:iconphasewalker96:Phasewalker96 267 93
F.A.C.E. Family X Little!Reader America Ending
You heard a knock of your door and you opened it to show...your 'brother' Alfred.
"Hey Alfie," You say with a smile and a light blush at the louder of your two 'brothers'.
Yes you had been falling for your 'brother' since about the beginning of high didn't dare tell Arthur about it knowing he didn't have much experience in the 'dating' world. So who did you go to? You went to Francis and told him everything but swearing him to secrecy beforehand.
"Hey [Nickname], ready to party?" Alfred asks using a softer version on his dubed 'Hero' smile that he used only when the two of you where alone.
"You bet I am!" You say happily.
You didn't know it but Alfred had fallen in love with you around the ending of middle school and now that the both of you have graduated high school that meant you would be going to college soon...completely different colleges at that. Alfred didn't want you to go to college not knowing how he felt about you, little did he know that's exactly how you felt
:iconphasewalker96:Phasewalker96 236 153
F.A.C.E. Family X Little!Reader pt.4
You where now a 18 year old and in your final days in high school, your 'brothers' Alfred and Matthew graduated early leaving you to finish the school year with the rest of your grade.
You walk up to get your daploma then go back over to your friends Ludwig, Feli, Lovino, Kiku, and Mei. Of coarse you had met other people in your classes but you mainly stuck with your friends and 'brothers'.
But you couldn't help but feel a special connection with one of them in particular...
After the ceremony, everyone threw their caps in the air, causing your [h/l][h/c] hair to fall out of the cap and blow slightly in the wind. Arthur thought that it would be a good idea to invite everyone over to your place and have a privet party for just your friends and family, lets just say you loved the idea.
~Time skip to your house!~
"I'm gonna go change out of this okay?" You ask looking at your dad (Arthur) and Francis.
"Pas attendre un moment [Name]!" Francis says and starts to dig around in his bag.
:iconphasewalker96:Phasewalker96 329 44
In Love by BananaBug98 In Love :iconbananabug98:BananaBug98 4 2 Voice Actor Love by EmoChild67 Voice Actor Love :iconemochild67:EmoChild67 8 3 VALE AND HABERKORN Y U by xxNo-Flavor-Icexx VALE AND HABERKORN Y U :iconxxno-flavor-icexx:xxNo-Flavor-Icexx 10 8




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Trinidad and Tobago

Hi! I'm Sheloni! I'm very kind and loving but a bit tsundere ^^; I love making new friends and meeting new people. I also love anime and manga and have an interest in other's cultures.

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I'm sorry I haven't been online much... I'm a little busy and sometimes I forget..... School starts tomorrow and I don't think I'll have time until weekends... hopefully... 



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